Die-hard lover’s rock fans will be pleased to know that Sharon Forrester, widely regarded as the First Lady of Lover’s Rock, has returned to the genre with a bang. Forrester’s latest release, ‘Simply Falling’, a cover of American singer Iyeoka, shows off the full range of her vocal prowess on […]

Organizers of Jamaica Fun In The Son, Tommy Cowan and Carlene Davis are looking to host a virtual staging this year, amidst setbacks brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cowan hopes to achieve this goal by streaming the annual Gospel music festival on various radio and television stations and social […]

Talented dancehall artiste Chikie Grainz is ecstatic about the enthusiastic social media response to her latest single, ‘Hypnotized’ which was produced by Badbad Citizens and released on the Grainz Records label a month ago. “A lot a promotion been done around ‘Hypnotized’, people are saying it is hot on social […]