The island of Jamaica is slowly becoming a playground for the music and showbiz circuit. The talent that is now being displayed by the average Jamaican youth shows we are in good hands for the future. One such brand is Basti Visuals. He is the one of most sought after […]

Dancehall artiste Khizy Kash is amped up about the release of her latest single, Rich Rich, which is already generating heat in the streets. “The single was leaked online and my IG really blew up with a lot of my girlfriends and random people doing the Rich Rich challenge, creating […]

Reggae and Dancehall has evolved over the last three decades and although the styles may have changed the message is still the cry and the joy of the peoples. An artist by the name of Janlack is doing just that. He has morphed his loving of music from all genres […]

Popular broadcaster and FAME FM DJ Arif Cooper suffered a seizure and died suddenly early this morning while playing at an event. Mr. Cooper was playing at a party at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre when collapsed. Attempts were made to resuscitate him but he was unresponsive. He was taken […]