Popular Florida-based Faithlyn ‘Born Pretty’ Gayle believes that plus-size women just want to have fun too. The popular plus-sized, body positive party promoter is gearing up to host her annual Born Pretty All White birthday bash in Fort Lauderdale in Florida on January 12th. “Body positivityā€¯ has been a buzz […]

The island of Jamaica is slowly becoming a playground for the music and showbiz circuit. The talent that is now being displayed by the average Jamaican youth shows we are in good hands for the future. One such brand is Basti Visuals. He is the one of most sought after […]

Word sound power. An expression commonly heard within Caribbean culture. It means “we create through speech”. So be mindful of things said or things asked for. Well we have one artist by the name of “Lady Donna” who is a true believer of that theory. She is a singer, songwriter […]

Music is one of the most natural artforms used to deliver a message. New material. New style. New generation. Reggae and Dancehall is going through a transition. There is a singer that continues to bring a joy to us via speaking truths in his music and his lifestyle. He lives […]