“This song is mostly inspired by what’s going on around me now, I accept the idea that I may get bun, there is no jealousy in my game. The song is partly inspired by my own relationship, I am going through a divorce right now so you know how that go,” the artiste whose real name is Donaro Stanford, said.

The artiste, whose real name is Tashawn George Gabbidon, not only has one of the most unique images in dancehall today, he possesses a brilliant high-pitched delivery that is popular among teens. He broke through to stardom with last year’s street anthem, ‘Go Hard’ and has steadily amassed fans in a meteoric rise to the top of the dancehall gam

“I wrote ‘What’s Life’ based upon my personal experiences with people pretending to be friends but deep down realizing later they are envious of you and want to see you fail. The times we are living in now people are so perilous and evil so I am just trying my best to send out this important message so people can look into their lives and be more careful of who and what they focus their energies on because not everyone that comes around should be around,” Prohgres reasoned.

She released the song ‘You Say’ which got some support but it was not until she did the dancehall track ‘Up Ina Ya Jelly’ that people started calling her for other gigs. However, she soon deviated from dancehall debauchery towards her true north, doing songs like ‘Black and Proud’ that showed her versatility and earned her a lot of respect.

The 78 year-old charistmatic frontman of The Maytals, Toots Hibbert O.D is known for singles such as the hugely popular, “54-46 (That’s My Number)”, an account of Hibbert’s term in prison on a marijuana charge. Subsequent hits included “Do the Reggay” (thought to be the first explicit use of the term), “Monkey Man,” “Funky Kingston,” “Sweet and Dandy,” and “Pressure Drop.”