The 78 year-old charistmatic frontman of The Maytals, Toots Hibbert O.D is known for singles such as the hugely popular, “54-46 (That’s My Number)”, an account of Hibbert’s term in prison on a marijuana charge. Subsequent hits included “Do the Reggay” (thought to be the first explicit use of the term), “Monkey Man,” “Funky Kingston,” “Sweet and Dandy,” and “Pressure Drop.”

“The message from Sam Cooke was ‘Change’ which is what the leaders of the day like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were preaching. Today our challenge is the same, but our message has a stronger foundation because of what the leaders of that time did. They stood up for what was right and because of their sacrifices we can sing loudly and boldly with a different kind of confidence that we shall Overcome,” he added.

It’s inspired by the positive spirit of global brotherhood and humanity drawn from the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie in the 1940s and ’50s, and continued by Martin Luther King and Malcom X in the ’60s. The record’s timeless grooves are a vibrant musical celebration with an uplifting and unifying message that has more resonance with each passing day,” Doncker relates.

“The video for the single has already been released online. Because of the economic hardship and emotional struggles people are undergoing at this time, it is very relevant and is a must see because it truly captures the message everyone needs to hear: keep striving,” Sutherland said.

“I just dropped both the visuals for these songs and they’re doing great. I also have some features with Fantan Mojah and many more songs. I also dropped a video for my song, Prolific off the Creation rhythm with Brilli Production and Gold and Goals Production out of New York,” he said.