Janlack New Energy

Reggae and Dancehall has evolved over the last three decades and although the styles may have changed the message is still the cry and the joy of the peoples. An artist by the name of Janlack is doing just that. He has morphed his loving of music from all genres but centered within his roots and love of Reggae and Dancehall.

Janlack is a Jamaican reality based dancehall artist originating from Wakefield District Buxton Town St. Catherine.  Janlack discovered his love of music very early on in his life and began writing his own songs in his early teenage years.
With tracks like “All I See”, “Central King”, “Enemies”¬† he seems to have carved a lane that will clearly impact the music scene.

Janlack’s goal is for his music to be an inspiration to his fans and the young up and coming artists in Jamaica and the world at large. He has been in the studio writing and working with various producers. He possesses a truly remarkable vision and sound.  Janlack is not only bringing something to the table, he is bringing his own table and setting a new standard that will change the dynamic of dancehall music forever. He has his own imprint Ice Block Records which was started by himself and his business partner. Working alongside some of the best in the industry we are sure to see and hear some great things coming out the camp.
So continue to look out for all the music and sonics coming out of Janlack and the team. 

Claude Mills

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