Basti Visuals

The island of Jamaica is slowly becoming a playground for the music and showbiz circuit. The talent that is now being displayed by the average Jamaican youth shows we are in good hands for the future. One such brand is Basti Visuals. He is the one of most sought after cinematographer.

Real name Sebastian. Hes is a young prodigy hailing from Papine St. Andrew. He’s on his way to greatness. He’s the one with the eye. He’s the one with the vision. He has shot videos for Kant10t, Valiant, 9 Tek, Simone Fruit Tree Dewar, Buzzweh and range of other local stars within the Reggae, Dancehall and the entertainment fraternity. He started at the age of 17 honing his skill the camera and toying with graphic arts. Now he’s a full fledged artisan with several images to his catalogue and several videos. Basti is part of the movement Push A Yute Inc Ltd. Known as a marketing/managing and production company they have forged a relationship and partnership that has allowed the young cinematographer to grow and excel.

Stay tuned as we clearly see there is a lot more to come. More videos, more content and a possible short film for 2024 is on the cards. This was a quote from his manager “Vivian Thomas”. Basti is ready to show the world what he has.

Let’s continue to support our fellow Jamaican artisans as they carve their way into greatness.

Claude Mills

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