Khizy Kash gearing up to be Rich Rich


Dancehall artiste Khizy Kash is amped up about the release of her latest single, Rich Rich, which is already generating heat in the streets.

“The single was leaked online and my IG really blew up with a lot of my girlfriends and random people doing the Rich Rich challenge, creating videos with their own pictures, so I know this song is going to blow up,” the artiste said.

The young rhyme-spitter is staying true to her dancehall roots on the blazing track. “RICH RICH” is catchy and light hearted, yet oozes a
hardcore edge, inspired by its infectious beat.

Her management team, Bowen Seales Entertainment Group, has responded to the early positive feedback as they have already bankrolled a video for the Chase Mills Records-produced single which was shot last week.

The single will be available officially on all digital download platforms.

“With hard work comes ‘RICH RICH’ rewards,” gushes Khizy Kash. “I truly believe that ‘RICH RICH’ will become a favorite of the ladies.”

“Khizy has a female anthem on her hands. This is just the beginning,” says a rep from Bowen-Seales Entertainment, doubling down on Khizy’s sentiments.

In the meantime, Khizy Kash is ecstatic that the video of her latest release, Trending, has been added to major rotation on the popular BET Jams.

“The video hit BET Jams last week, and it’s been played several times since then. It’s a great look, big thanks to my management team, Bowen Seales Entertainment for making it a reality. When I posted it on my IG, I got a lot of positive comments,” Khizy Kash said.

The Trending song, released in July, has been available on multiple digital streaming platforms. The song registered almost 13,000 streams in the first week, and popped up on Shazam, Full Throttle Radio and 30 radio stations all over the world. The single was added to Fatman Scoop playlist.

She has been commanding international attention since breaking into major rotation on the popular BETJams and being featured on Fatman Scoop & Mister Vince‚Äôs syndicated Hip-Hop and R&B radio show entitled “Full Throttle Radio.” The “TRENDING” video also solidified its spot on Jamaican-based networks, including REtv & CVM, among others. Garnering the attention of millions of music lovers, “TRENDING” has boldly set the stage and anticipation for “RICH RICH.”

Khizy is signed to New York based Bowen-Seales Entertainment Group.

Born Angie Gray, she grew up in Manchester, before being raised by her grandmother in Gregory Park in Portmore.

She has recorded singles like Trending, Walk Out Woii and Reflection and later inked a deal with New York based Bowen-Seales Entertainment Group.

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