Security forces have tracked down and killed the notorious Dushane Allen, Westmoreland’s most wanted man, during a running gun fight along Long Hill road in the parish. An Uzi submachine gun was recovered from his lifeless body. One man reportedly escaped. Allen, who frequents Bethel Town in Westmoreland, and the […]

Two men, both relatives, died in a head-on crash in St Ann this morning. The police have identified both men as Elkeito Mushette, 55, of Greater Portmore, and Sheldon Mushette, 29, of Spanish Town, both in St Catherine. The younger Muschette had to be cut from the vehicle, according to […]

Dancehall superstar Super Cat  reportedly dissed fellow entertainer Shaggy in a video circulating on social media. The video, believed to be  filmed at a dancehall session in Brooklyn, New York shows Super Cat taking the microphone from the emcee and launched an expletive-laced tirade against Shaggy. “Shaggy, how come you a […]

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