The Unruly Boss Popcaan invoked the ire of  Double Tap artiste and social media personality Queen Ladi Gangsta, aka Queenie, after he ‘styled’ her at the Wray and Nephew concert, headlined by Beenie Man in London, on Friday night.
Queenie posted a video clip of the exchange between herself and Popcaan, which showed her holding him and steering him towards the  frame of her camera.

“Hey man, a you dis?  Hey St. Thomas man. A di queen dis…,” she is heard saying. But Popcaan rebuffed her overtures and walked off, mumbling something inaudible under his breath. 
The Queen was not pleased!

Queenie uploaded a profanity-laced tirade accusing the Unruly Boss of disrespecting her by abruptly walking off after she was trying to exchange pleasantries with him.In response, the cheeky Popcaan posted a now-deleted, provocative post on his Instagram Stories which said: “Couple IG followers mek dem swear dem a celebrity… so sad”, along with some laughing emoticons.
Queenie shared Popcaan’s post, ripped into the Unruly Boss.
“Suh, a only celebrity yuh acknowledge?  Gweh! Drake don’t like yuh!  Ongle sing yuh sing! Mi do every bloodclaat ting; mi cuss; preach, mi counsel; mi a madda. Mi a wife.  Mi a queen.   A wha happen to yuh Popcaan?  Get ahold a yuh dirty bloodclaat self . Yuh gone too far.   A who yuh dis?  A who yuh insult?  Oonu haffi guh kill bloodclaat me.  Memba mi tell oonu bombo hole dat.  Till death do us bloodclaat part,” she shouted.

She declared she wasn’t afraid to die for her beliefs. 
” An anybaddy weh sen mi any bloodclaat threat, mi life deh pon yuh bloodclaat head.  Hear dat.  F-ck yuh feel like, bout likkle IG followers.  I am a celebrity!  Weh di f-ck? A you alone a celebrity?  You is jus a singer.  All if di people dem nuh hear yuh song dem nuh memba yuh…,” she raved. 

One of the funniest parts of her rant included the observation that she and Popcaan were both “struggling to get a Grammy”.
One socia media user tweeted: “I’m still stuck on the fact that Queenie said that she and Popcaan a struggle fi a Grammy. I’m stuck on the fact that it’s true.”

Queenie’s response to Popcaan’s IG story.

Claude Mills

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