Jayda parties up a storm in Jamaica

Mighty God of Daniel! Did you guys know that Jayda Cheaves arrived in Jamaica on Thursday to celebrate her 24th birthday?

The ostentatious YouTuber, who rose to fame after having a baby for Lil Baby, is now a multi-millionaire businesswoman.  Last year, her on-again, off-again rapper boyfriend threw an Air Jordan party to mark her 23rd birthday but this year, she chose Jamaica to celebrate her lavish lifestyle.

Just before boarding a private jet earlier today, she posted a video with the caption “Iconic birthday trip loading”.

Upon reaching the island they were whisked away via luxury shuttle to a lavish undisclosed location. Unable to contain herself, she basked in the island’s secret beauty as she gave her fans a tour of her room and the larger-than-life bathrooms at a private house near the beach.

“Look at my roooom, private jacuzzi, wow the pictures…yow this house though? Look at this shit though. This sh-t different,” she said as it started to rain. “This sh-t too fire, worth every penny and I’ll do it again.”

“It’s the pirate chef for me,” she added. “Yo y’all b-tches ain’t ever come to Jamaica like this though. Let’s talk about it”.

Jayda has over 5 million Instagram followers and over 300 thousand subscribers on her YouTube account, where she is known to highlight ostentatious parties and makeup tutorials with friends and family.


Claude Mills

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