She performed the single, ‘Nobody Knows My Pain’, a tribute to Nicko Chromatic who passed away after losing his battle with kidney disease. Black Queen is committed to use her voice to raise awareness, make healthier lifestyle choices, champion the doctors and nurses making a difference, support cancer patients and survivors and fight for a cancer-free world.

She released the song ‘You Say’ which got some support but it was not until she did the dancehall track ‘Up Ina Ya Jelly’ that people started calling her for other gigs. However, she soon deviated from dancehall debauchery towards her true north, doing songs like ‘Black and Proud’ that showed her versatility and earned her a lot of respect.

Dancehall artiste Black Queen, after a harrowing ordeal at the hands of would-be extortionists, is fighting back by being very vocal about her experience. “I am not holding back, I am talking from my heart about my experiences, we are living in too much fear in this country, and this […]