Kyhighlah Laughs at Ex Fiancé’s Leaked Nudes on X

Nude photos of Canadian resident Shannagaye Spence circulated on the X app last night. Spence is known for her tumultuous relationship and on-going public disputes with ex-fiancé, Jamaican Onlyfans model, Kyhighlah ‘Coco de Thick’. The couple’s engagement only lasted for a month after Spence’s visit to Jamaica.

In a series of live streams on TikTok over the summer, Shannagaye, has made startling claims, alleging that Kyhighlah stole 15,000 CAD. Since then, Coco has been vocal about their explosive relationship on her platform, nicknaming Spence as ‘Froggy’. The ‘Princess Treatment’ singer portrayed her ex as a manipulative individual who allegedly faked having cancer to prolong their relationship. Additionally, it was revealed that the ex secretly gifted a designer handbag to one of Kyhighlah’s close friends, adding another layer of intrigue to this complex relationship.

Approximately a month ago, a viral video featured Kyhighlah in tears as she discussed her struggles with mental health. She stated that damage was done to her reputation due to rumors made by Shannagaye, alleging that she has HIV. In another video, she exposed Spence’s devious plan to take her life.

Kyhighlah exposes attempt made on her life

During last night’s live stream, Coco seemed to express a lack of sympathy towards her ex and suggested that this situation is a karmic consequence of her actions. She also denied allegations that she was responsible for exposing her ex’s private photos, asserting that those images were never sent to her.

Coco’s late night livestream on the issue

This ongoing drama on TikTok highlights the power and pitfalls of sharing personal relationships on social media platforms and serves as a cautionary tale about the potential consequences of airing one’s private life in a public forum.

Camelia Mills

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