Did Macka Diamond have surgery to look so good? Now she ah date young bwoy @mackadiamond1 @one876

Crazy people ah ask mi if Macka Diamond go do the surgery fi staple her belly, and pretty up her pumps. Ah that she spend the Dye Dye money and do? If ah so, it ah work fi her because she look damn good, and now see it de, rumours ah spread say she and young bwoy, the deejay name Masterbling, ah stuck and all these things. Macka, yu ting sort out, big show inna London, England next month, big pop festival inna Canada inna September, Europe this Summer. Do yu ting, eat yu food!!!!!!

Claude Mills

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Sun May 3 , 2015
<p><img class=" size-full wp-image-1064" src="https://www.bounce876.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/gunshot.jpeg" alt="" width="300" height="174" /></p> <p>How dem constable bwoy ya so careless? How dem a play wid firearm like dem a teenager so? Two ah the police dem ah play and one ah dem shoot the other accidentally. And the surviving one no do nothing more than kill himself. Wah happen to dem sick police bwoy ya man??</p>