Cardi B Calls Lincoln 3Dot A ‘Big Dummy’

Cardi B’s recent remarks about fellow Jamaican artist Lincoln 3Dot and her history of song theft allegations have created a buzz. We explore her comments and past disputes.

During a live-streamed interview, Cardi B expressed unfamiliarity with Lincoln 3Dot and provocatively referred to him as “a big dummy.” She further stoked controversy by openly inviting a legal dispute if he believes she stole his work. It’s been speculated that Lincoln 3 dot has sued Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion over ‘Bongos’ which sounded very similar to ‘Bang’ by Lincoln 3dot.

Bongos by Cardi B & Meg thee Stallion
Bang by Lincoln 3Dot & Track Starr

Cardi B has faced allegations of song and lyric theft from various artists. Tommy Geez accused her of using his lyrics for “Be Careful,” while Kevin Michael Brophy Jr. claimed she plagiarized his song for “Thru Your Phone.” Dela Wesst accused her of taking her lyrics for “Clout,” a collaboration with Offset.

Cardi B’s comments about Lincoln 3Dot and her willingness to engage in a legal battle have intensified scrutiny of her career. These remarks, coupled with her history of alleged song theft, spotlight ongoing debates about artistic originality and intellectual property rights in the music industry.

Cardi B’s livestream after Lincoln 3Dot announces lawsuit

Camelia Mills

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