The singjay’s highest charting song is a club remix of Sweet Music which was leaked to radio and then went on to hit #11 on the UK pop charts. The song has also been featured in the video game Tropico:Caribbean Sims, which sold several million copies worldwide and is on the soundtrack of the film, Final Destination 4.

Stingablunt, who is known for the single, ‘Bubble’ , produced by Knatural Entertainment, is now gearing up to release a raft of singles during the last two months of 2020.

“Although the pandemic has affected the industry, there are signs that restrictions will ease for Christmas so I am going hard so I can start off 2021 with a bang,” he said.

She performed the single, ‘Nobody Knows My Pain’, a tribute to Nicko Chromatic who passed away after losing his battle with kidney disease. Black Queen is committed to use her voice to raise awareness, make healthier lifestyle choices, champion the doctors and nurses making a difference, support cancer patients and survivors and fight for a cancer-free world.

Dancehall singjay ZiDon has been generating a buzz both locally and internationally with the release of his new get-money club banger, ‘Money Inna Coil’. “People are feeling the song in both local and international markets. I am excited about everything that is happening currently but am not surprised because of […]

“I am pleased with the response to ‘Money Best Friend’. It is a definite attention grabber, the fans say the beat is different and they love the unique flow, and the message that money is your best friend. My music is mostly streamed in North and South America, Africa and parts of Europe, so things are looking up, especially in Zimbabwe,” Nerro, whose real name is Leon Levy, said.