Stacious has voiced a new single dissing the Twins of Twins as “bitches of bitches”, labelling them as “Patricia and Paul”. Stacious slaughters the twins intelligently, asking when “dem a go stop share the one car weh dem a drive”, and makes several incestuous and gay allegations towards the twins saying they have made history as the “only battyman twins inna dancehall’. BEST LINE: “Go chuck head way inna one hog batty”


In 2002, Mr. Glendale Gordon was arrested and during the course of the trial Mr. Gordon did the unthinkable… he “ran”.  He fled the United States and headed for his childhood home, Jamaica. Now, ten years later, Mr. Gordon’s past is back to haunt him, resulting in him being extradited to the U.S. to face charges of “failing to appear”.  At this point one can only assume what compelled the then twenty-two year old Gordon to flee before the trial had started. Whether it was the fear of facing a jury, uncertainty of what lay ahead, or the simple feeling of being overwhelmed – we can never be sure, but what we know is that now is the time when he will have to answer to “running”.




Reports reaching are that there was a fracas outside the Stone Love Headquarters on Burlington Road this morning after the popular Weddy Weddy dance ended. Shots were reportedly fired by police to quell a bottle-throwing melee that broke out between factions aligned to Cassava Piece and and factions aligned to Flexx and Savage. Both dancehall artistes, who were members of Mavado’s Gullyside group, have dropped diss songs aimed at Mavado in recent weeks. 



Everyone is releasing statements re Portmore Empire, some truthful than others so I think its time to release mine. In a statement released by Popcaan (which I doubt was written by him considering how grammatically correct it was) is nothing but lies in an attempt at keeping the support of Gaza fans, and by Gaza, I mean Kartel because he is Gaza.