Blueface Threatens Custody Battle

Through a series of tweets on ‘X’, Blueface threatened a custody battle over his newborn Chrisean Malone Jr. The dispute centers around the care of the newborn baby, with both parties seeking to establish their suitability as guardians. Chrisean, a key figure in this unfolding saga, made headlines when she gave birth to the child on September 3, opting for an unconventional Instagram Live delivery, with Blueface notably absent from the scene. This unconventional choice has thrust their situation further into the public eye, inviting both intrigue and scrutiny.

Chrisean Rock Gives Birth to Baby Boy During Instagram Live
Chrisean Rock giving birth on Instagram Live.

Blueface was spotted in Miami with his first babymother and current partner, Jaidyn Alexis which angered fans. Chrisean tweeted that she did not invite Blueface to the delivery to protect her newborn from hatred and jealousy.

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis in Miami during Rock’s delivery.
Chrisean’s tweet after the birth of their son.

Incidents of verbal and emotional abuse, as well as public statements expressing hesitation about caring for the child, have been thoroughly recorded. Such documentation raises questions about the fitness of both parties as potential caregivers.

Moreover, Blueface and Chrisean’s prominent roles in the television show, Crazy In Love has further contributed to the public’s fascination with this unfolding drama. This exposure not only places the private matters of the custody dispute under public scrutiny but also implicates the entertainment industry in the unfolding narrative. The show is known to highlight their explosive arguments which leads to domestic violence from both parties.

Blueface claimed that his newborn child will not be molested like everyone else in her family after seeing videos of the baby being held by different people.

Another facet of their ongoing dispute involves Jaidyn’s past behavior. Her history includes concerning threats made towards Rock during her pregnancy. She also tried to fight Chrisean a month ago after she showed to her house to see Blueface.

Blueface speaks on pregnant Rock running from Jaidyn.

Ultimately, the central goal remains creating an environment in which the baby can thrive, grow, and experience a secure upbringing. Given the extensive documentation on social media and the involvement in the television industry, it is imperative to carefully evaluate all implications and consider the broader societal context when making decisions regarding custody. The ongoing custody dispute in the world of Blueface underscores the growing intersection of social media, entertainment, and the legal system, offering a glimpse into the complexities of modern family dynamics.

Picture of Chrisean Malone Jr.

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