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Talio gets major buzz with 'Gallop and Wine'



A cameraman sprained his hand after an overenthusiastic female dancer jumped him unexpectedly while breakout artiste Talio's new song, 'Gallop and Wine' was being played at a dance in Greenwich Farm recently. 


Talio aka Major Slim hails from Seaview Gardens, an inner city neighborhood of Kingston that produced top reggae artists Shabba Ranks, Elephant Man and, more recently, Dexta Daps.


“Hottest Set of Clothes” for Warr Buss in 1997 was popular in the community and encouraged him to pursue a musical career. He went on to write a few songs for prolific reggae artist Bounty Killer, also from Seaview Gardens.


As a live stage performer, Talio electrifies audiences with his humorous lyrics that combine comedy with the hardcore potency to stand up to the likes of Super Cat and Mad Cobra.

Jamaica is a place that loves new dance styles. Buju Banton had “Bogle” in the 90s. Elephant Man had “Signal The Plane” and “Pon the River” which were both big hits in the United States.


Now, after years away from the music, Talio has emerged with a new song and dance of his own, “Gallop and Wine,” for High Digitz Recordz. “Gallop and Wine” is creating a frenzy in dancehalls across the country.