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Sativa D Black 1 Tackles "Petty Thief'

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Singer Sativa D Black 1 has released the video for his popular single,, ‘Petty Thief’ on the YGF Records label to rave reviews from his growing legion of fans. 
“In every community, petty thieves ah terrorize people, so this song is social commentary and humorous, but it is a serious topic, petty thieves, white collar criminals, ah the same species of thief, Bun a petty thief. The anticipation was really high for this video, so after it premiere, the fans dem a rave and say it shot. Cirosee!!!Bitters, don't it?!” he said.
This song is one of the singles which will lead out his new EP, which will be released through Charm B Productions. Other songs to look out for include the Charm B Production singles, ’Ungrateful’, ‘Grip Me’ and ‘Walk Her Out’, a song which deals with domestic violence, and ‘Never Waan Mi Reach This Far’ for Full Chaarge Records. 
Known for his incendiary live performances and strong stage persona and charismatic vocals, he is booked for Reggae Bring Back Love on December 17th, Galiday Bounce at the Ewarton Sports Complex on December 30th and  'Gong Gong Part 3' on December 30th. 
The Linstead, St. Catherine native whose real name is Shaun Smith, is a former student of the Bog Walk High school, where he studied Engineering and Electrical Welding. He began music as a disc jockey on local sound system Up Setters, using the name Tommy Skunk but later changed to Tommy Ice. 
He entered the popular Magnum King of the Dancehall competition in 2012. Then his career took off when he found his true name: Sativa D Black 1.
Managed by the New York based Charm B Productions, Sativa D Black 1 hopes the positive work that is being put into his career, will serve as the manifestation of other things to come.