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Noface Unknown is fully 'tanked up' in the streets of Jamaica

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The legend of Noface Unknown continues to grown. Since being featured on TVJ's Entertainment Report did,  fast-rising new act Noface Unknown has found that street creed has shot through the roof. The artiste's breakout 'Tank Up' single has been blowing up the airwaves and his video has been in heavy rotation on a number of video channels. 

 "Crazy people ah link me from all over the world, London, Trinidad, Guyana, the whole ah Trelawny and Montego Bay ah say Tank Up right now," he said. 


As his songs gain momentum, this new image has generated a lot of heat on social media, from detractors and supporters alike. 
"People are curious about who is under the mask, some ah bun mi out say ah some evil ting, others love the concept, and some people have even started making comparisons to Tommy Lee. Right now, mi see people all a copy the mask ting already, right now, the ting up inna the streets, from Mobay to Kingston," said the artiste who is from Montego Bay, St James. 
"I got 200 followers on Instagram in one day, the ting fully tank up, the streets ah talk, the taxis and buses ah play Tank Up hard inna Kingston and Trelawny," he said. 
Rumours have started that he wears the mask to hide a disfiguration of his face caused by a fire that almost claimed a life. 
"I didn't want my scars to be a distraction to the public so mi come up with the mask idea. Mi a try make some money so mi can do the plastic surgery and remove the scars dem. The fire caused mostly first-degree burns over my body, but my face had a major second-degree burn which I want to get rid of when the money start tank up," he said. 
The artiste can be contacted through his street team, headed by street guru, Stampede or through his IG: @noface_unknown.