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Man cuts woman twice in two months

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A St. Catherine man pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful wounding when he appeared in the St. Catherine Parish Court recently.



The man who appeared a little over-enthusiastic, shouted "guilty" before the clerk could ask him to plead, was told he had to wait on the clerk before he submitted his plea.

It was outlined that on October 11, 2015, Michael Campbell had an altercation with Alecia Jones and stabbed her repeatedly. Two months later on December 29, the accused man again stabbed the said complainant.

When enquiries were made by Senior Parish Judge Tara Reid-Carr as to the injuries received, Jones replied:

"I got cut on both hands, stomach, multiple stab wounds all over my body and my back. They had to insert a tube in my stomach."

The judge ordered that Campbell's fingerprints were taken, along with his criminal record and his social enquiry report.  

He was remanded until October 20, 2016 when he is expected to be sentenced.