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Macka Diamond and Spotlight dating officially?

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Dancehall star Macka Diamond was spotted in pictures with fellow artiste Spotlight sparking a round of gossip about the love triangle. 

Two weeks ago, the entertainer's fiancee, who goes by the name 'Ja Luxury Doll' on social media, gave Macka Diamond a verbal lashing after a video surfaced with the female deejay and Spotlight sharing an ice cream cone.


"Mi a come a Jamaica come tear off piece a yuh goddamn face. Spotlight don't want you. Me hear say him spend US$2,200 pon clothes fi yuh do video, but you nah get a dollar more you tired, ratchet, fake, old b...h. A rob you a try rob a cradle? Yuh face fava when flowers pot mash...yuh old, yuh heel back a rub, yuh a almost 50, get a life b...h!


Macka Diamond, who is currently promoting a collaboration with Spotlight called Prove It, was quick to clap back saying: "Come face me nuh! You think me fraid a you and what you a say Internet bad gyal ... kmt,"

When Spotlight returned to New York to patch things up with his fiancee, he found a barrel with his clothes burning and he was evicted in the middle of winter. He returned to Jamaica last week, presumably to resume promotion of his new song, 'Kunta Bounce' with Elephant Man that is doing well on radio stateside, and in South America. But he was seen canoodling Macka Diamond at a popular bowling alley spot today. 

Luxury Doll did not take too kindly to the pictures being leaked on Valentine's Day and she got into a hissy fit and ran a scissors through all the credit cards she owns with Spotlight, effectively cutting off his cash flow.