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Fast-rising dancehall artiste OCG released the video for the skyrocketing single, Why Men Cheat last week, racking up 114,000 views in only six days and trending on Youtube. But he may be getting a dose of reality in his personal life that is too much like life mimicking art as a video is now circulating online that reportedly involves recording artiste OCG in a heated argument with his girlfriend where they exchange expletives and appear to almost be coming to blows.

  The video shows several items of clothing and footwear strewn all over the front yard, and at least two items on fire, and then the camera pans to a window where the Why Men Cheat  artiste and his girl are in a heated verbal altercation before the artiste unceremoniously slams the window in the face the person attempting to video the fracas. 

In the meantime, his song is rapidly gaining him fans on social media.

Last year , he became popular his controversial single, 'Best Friend's Girl'. That video, filmed at the Sky Box in Jacks Hills, St Andrew, under the direction of Extreme Arts has racked up over 247,000 views since its release last year.

Despite his personal challenges, the artiste is not losing focus. 

"I don't want to talk about it because it was a straight violation, everybody love video people and ah invade dem privacy, nobody respects any one else's personal space, everybody go through dem drama, so why my own have to be in the public? Right now, mi just a focus on my career and get the Why Men Cheat song to the next level. My song is getting a lot of support from fans in the US, England, Europe, Costa Rica and Canada. In Jamaica, it's receiving crazy airplay and a lot of love in the streets," OCG said, when contacted. 

OCG is also enjoying attention with other singles, including Dancehall Nice, Mek Mi Smoke, Jah Jah Guide Me and Jupiter.