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Babsy Grange lauds Alia Atkinson's performance

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Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson has been lauded by Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport. Alia Atkinson posted 28.64 seconds to break the previous world record of 28.80 for the 50 metres short course breaststroke which was set in 2009.

Obviously very proud of the swimmer, Grange said Atkinson is an inspiration to all Jamaicans. 


“What a joy it is to receive this great news and to see the wonderful headline across the world — ‘Jamaica’s Alia Atkinson breaks world record’.  We should add the word ‘again’ to that headline because Alia has done this before," she said. 


"Alia consistently brings glory to Jamaica and continues to be an inspiration to us all. I congratulate her on this magnificent achievement, which adds to a long, growing and impressive list of outstanding performances."


Atkinson is also currently a joint world record holder for the 100 metres breaststroke after tying the record in 2014 and again earlier this year.