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Antigua officer chucks off Popcaan's chest onstage during Labour Day event

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Controversial dancehall entertainer Popcaan has been arrested in Antigua and Barbuda and is to be charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer during an incident that happened during the island's Labour Day celebrations. 


Charges will be laid against the Jamaican entertainer shortly.

A video shows a police officer 'puffing' Popcaan's chest as the entertainer had tried to come to a fan's aid who was being roughed up by the officer after invading the stage. Popcaan 'boxed' away the officer's hand and received a 'chuck' in his chest that propelled him a few feet backwards .

The Antigua Observer reported that the conflict began when a number of supporters climbed onto the stage and a police officer began removing them from the stage.

Jamaican artiste was said to be seen and heard intervening saying on the mic not to handle them so rough and physically separated a patron from the police officer who reacted by strongly pushing Popcaan.

Popcaan reportedly directing a diss song to the police officer further escalating the situation.

The Antigua Observer said artist then left the stage where he alleged a further conflict occurred and patrons began throwing bottles onto the stage.

The Antigua Observer referenced a video of the incident in which the artist – while being escorted by police officers into a vehicle – is said to be heard accusing the police of bursting mouth.