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Lisa Hyper is a foul-mouthed, hard-talking deejay who is immensely quotable. She is full Lisa Hyper mode as she rants about the current state of dancehall, and gives it to a number of artistes including Tifa. 




Young Lion Records recording artiste Lakisha "Lady Keyz” Bowen is the American-Jamaican bombshell at the forefront of a new movement that has been experimenting with the blending of rap and dancehall, and the resulting fusion is an exciting new sound.


Lady Keyz’ combination, Shut It Down, which features the duo Voicemail, has been getting a lot of love from FM radio in recent weeks. She will be coming to Jamaica in November to shoot a video for the project. 


Buoyed by the success of his Next Chapter single, Delly Ranx has seen his visibility and box office appeal increase in recent weeks. He has two bookings in the United States this month and he will be performing on a show in Mexico City in November.


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