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Rankin Pumpkin cries "RACISM" in Magnum contest


Magnum contestant Rankin Pumpkin who emerged second in this year's Magnum Kings and Queens contest has played the racism card. 

"It seems very easy in the competition looking from the outside, but very, very tough inside. [There were] many racist comments from audience and contestants. Also one of the judge of the competition. I was very surprise how I was treated as a Japanese citizen. It seems as if they don't want any other citizens to be in their competition. In some point I wanted to quit more than once, but my Jamaican producer African Symbol say don't quit.”

I was surprise because Japan is one of the biggest supporter of reggae music in the world since 1979 when Bob Marley introduce to us. Most of reggae concert that held in Japan, such as JapanSplash etc, they are all Jamaican artists and entertainers.


“We don't understand what they are singing because we speak fluent Japanese, they sing in patois... but we still enjoy their music when they performing with a lot of happiness and love. We open our heart and give love to all Jamaican artistes and entertainers.

“So I was shocked of what I received in the Jamaican competition,” she said in her statement.