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Are the rastas arguing amongst themselves again? Earlier this week, social media lit up when allegations that reggae artistes Jah Cure and Fantan Mojah were involved in an altercation surfaced. 

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah said that he has forgiven fellow artiste Jah Cure for an incident that happened over the weekend.

Fantan Mojah said he was standing at Capleton's gate over the weekend when Jah Cure approached him and heated  words were exchanged. The incident threatened to erupt in physical violence and there was a rumour that a knife was introduced during the squabble. 
"Supposed mi did stab Jah Cure or him stab me? How that would look as rasta people? Like we don't practise what we preach. I have no problem with Jah Cure, I forgive him, he called and apologise, maybe he is not going public with it, but I dont have anything against him
"He is still my singer, and a brother and a friend. He is a real youth, but I never expected that from him, Cure know say me three times as bad as him if a physical we a tek it. Mi nah study evil, ah me say Rasta Got Soul, so all my fans dem, and Jah Cure fans, I want you to know I forgive him,"
Fantan Mojah said the incident was sparked when Jah Cure "touched me in my chest and say mi diss him".
"Mi grab him up and lift him up off the ground and then mi remember say ah Cure that, and him run go inna him car fi a knife and run back towards me, and everybody start hold on pon him. Mi surprise because I wouldnt think to do that. Mi nah pree no evil, me and Cure good, him ah mi bredda inna music, me forgive him and move on," Fantan said. 
The incident has its genesis in an earlier conversation during which Fantan claimed that a certain booking agent and manager had said disparaging things about him to a promoter. 
"I said it to Cure on the plane a a few weeks ago mi a come from a small island, and look like ah dat start it, but certain booking agent and managers must stop trying to paint other artistes in a bad light with promoters," he said.