Thu, Nov

Constable shoots SSP's daughter in bizarre accident

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Chantal Allen, a 19 year old girl, was shot and injured in her right leg by Det. Cons. Oniel Daley attached to Crime Stop. Reports are that Miss Allen was travelling in a taxi along the Bernard Lodge Road in Portmore, St. Catherine when the driver of the taxi swerved from a pot hole and hit Cons. Daley, who was walking along the road.

The driver stated that after realizing that he hit some, he stopped to find out if the person was alright, when Cons. Daley opened gunfire at the vehicle, resulting in Ms. Allen being shot and injured. She was taken to Andrews Memorial Hospital whilst Cons. Daley was taken into police custody along with his firearm. Indecom and BSI were informed. Det.Sgt. Scully of the Portmore C.I.B is investigating.